The Report

You will receive a comprehensive computer generated narrative report.  (no check list style reports) Included in the report is an in-depth description of the building and its condition.  Every report contains cost estimates to repair or  replace defective components that may be discovered during the inspection.

Also included, as part of the report, is an extensive maintenance manual, cost projections tables for future repairs or remodeling, and life expectancy charts for various elements of the building.

Most importantly, we will continue to be available for your questions or concerns for as long as you own the property. "Our services end only when you stop calling."


We inspect the exterior for any signs of deterioration, decay or leakage, including:


We walk on every roof. (When safe and accessible)

Foundation And Structure

We inspect the exterior and interior of the building, including basements and crawlspaces, for cracks, settlement, insect and moisture damage, water penetration, piling damage(if applicable), and other signs of structural failure.


We check all fixtures and related components for proper pressure, drainage and leaks.

Heating and Cooling

We inspect and operate heating and cooling systems and check their performance including, fuel supply, combustion venting, safety controls, etc.


We inspect the electrical system for adequate capacity and safety.  The circuit breaker panel cover will be removed.  We will check for proper connections, amateur workmanship and unsafe conditions.


We inspect the attic for proper ventilation, insulation, structural integrity, and leakage.